General Information


The etiquette of golf, as set out in the Rules of Golf, must be always observed.


The Local Rules are as stated on the official scorecard or as advised by notices on the Club Notice boards.


From 1st March to December the official days are:

18 Holes

Men: Saturday afternoon at 12.30 pm, and Tuesday at 12 noon. Check programme for exceptions.
Women: 18 Holes - Wednesday morning at 9:30am and Saturday afternoon at 12:30pm. 9 Holes 9.30am Saturday
Mixed: Public Holidays (exceptions as on the programme).

9 Holes

Friday morning at 9am. Men and Women


  1. Matches are drawn 20 minutes before starting time. Players must personally enter their names to participate.
  2. In the event of a tie, the result shall be determined by count-back (with the appropriate handicap adjustments pertaining to those holes) in the following order:
    (a) holes 10-18
    (b) holes 13-18
    (c) holes 16-18
    (d) back from hole 18, hole by hole,
    (e) as the Match Committee shall determine.
  3. In any Trophy game involving more than one round, all rounds are to be played on the handicap of the day.


The tees are reserved as follows:
Saturdays 12.30pm and Tuesdays from 12 noon for matches,
Wednesdays from 3pm for a mixed 9 hole Twilight tournament.


A reasonable standard of dress must be maintained to the satisfaction of the Committee, both in the Clubhouse and on the course.


Each full member shall pay $6.00 each year to the Hole-in-One fund. A member playing the “perfect shot” shall be paid $400 from the fund, out of which he or she is expected to celebrate
in the traditional manner. Only players on the course, taking part in the competition, may expect to participate. A player who holes in one shall qualify for the payment only if a properly completed card is returned to the Match Committee, and the shot was played in a competition on a course under the jurisdiction of a registered golf club or association, including the Twilight and Saturday matches during the summer season at Charteris Bay.


  1. All players must have an official handicap. It is the responsibility of each player to check his or her handicap before commencing play.
  2. Match Play. Women or men: Full difference between the handicaps.
  3. Four ball match. Women and men: Reduce the handicaps of all four players by the handicap of the lowest handicapped player, who then plays off the scratch, conceding strokes to the others according to their reduced handicaps. These strokes to be taken according to the stroke index.
  4. Stroke, Stableford, Bogey or Par: Women and men. Full handicap.
  5. Mixed Four-Ball matches: Women play off their full handicap on the women’s card.
  6. Foursome: Half of the combined handicaps. Foursome match play: Half of the difference between the combined handicaps. In mixed match: the stroke index used is according to the men’s card.
  7. Canadian Foursome, Greensome, American Foursome or Pinehurst: Men, Mixed or Women’s: 40 percent of the combined course handicaps.

NOTE: If a calculation results in a fraction; a half or greater is a stroke, less than a half is nil.


  1. See Rules of Golf, 29-32.
  2. Canadian Foursome - All players drive off at each tee. Each side then selects one of their two drives and continues as a foursome.
  3. Greensome - Each player drives off and plays a second shot with the same ball. Each side then selects oné of their balls and continues as a foursome.
  4. American Foursome or Pinehurst - Each player drives off and then plays a second shot with his or her partner’s ball before each side selects a ball to continue playing as a foursome.
  5. Stableford and Four Ball Best Ball - see Rules ofGolf, Nos. 32 and 30.
  6. Par or Bogey - Strokes are taken at the holes according to the card. A nett score equal to par is a par (0) a nett score less than par is a win (+) and a nett score greater than par is a loss (-). A ball should be picked up as soon as a loss occurs.
  7. Bisque Par or Bisque Bogey - The scoring is the same as in Par or Bogey above, but strokes can be taken at any hole at the player’s discretion.
  8. Men’s Stableford Shootout. There is a one-off entry fee of $15. Each player will count only his best 10 rounds. These rounds can be from any carded stroke or stableford round during the season. A running results sheet will be displayed in the Clubhouse. Thirteen qualifiers will tee off together in the final, which will be played on a nett stroke basis, over twelve holes.


  1. In a match-play Trophy, there must be five or more players before a Flight is played.
  2. All competitions must be played according to the programme. Finals are to be played no later than one month after the semi-finals.
  3. Disputes and decisions - Members’ attention is drawn to Rule 34 which sets out procedures. If a dispute arises, members are asked to refer it to the Match Committee before results are announced.