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Covid 19 Policy Announcement

09 Jan 2022

Hi Everyone,

Please see below and attached our Covid 19 policy annoucement;

Hi all,
At the AGM, it was voted in to adopt a policy that outlined the clubs position on managing COVID-19 under the new traffic light system introduced by the government on 3rd December.
The full policy is attached for those who wish to read it.
However in summary our current position is:

We will be operating under the ORANGE Traffic Light guidelines of play from Friday the 3rd  December 2021.

Please follow the rules.

Covid - 19 regulations effective from 3rd december 2021:

  1. Anybody, vaccinated or non-vaccinated, is welcome to play Golf.  We respect your choice either way. However if you have chosen not to be vaccinated we will be unable to host you in the clubhouse. The outside toilets are available for all players and visitors.
  2. The clubhouse will only be accessible to double vaccinated people.
  3. You will be asked to provide evidence of Vaccination in the form of a Ministry of Health vaccination pass.
  4. We ask that you continue to record your visit to the Charteris Bay Golf Club by Scanning in at the main gate or main entrance irrespective of your vaccination status.
For those members who did not wish to comply with the above options are detailed on page 2 of the full policy for those interested.
Robin Williams