Important Subscription Notice

The Committee has spent an inordinate amount of time deciding what to do in the case of members who have been very late in deciding their playing status or proposed retirement from the Club. 

Unexpected events do happen as regards to health, work or residence changes. The Club’s Constitution
is crystal clear about membership.

NZ Golf is now assessing their levies based on a club’s membership on 31st December each year.

Our rules require any change in membership status to be notified to the Club before the start of the new playing season on 1st March.

It would therefore be very helpful if anyone who intends to change their status could let the Treasurer know of this before 31st December.

The Committee do therefore ask that those who do not think that they will wish to remain as members, or who wish to change their membership status for the coming season, respect the rules of the Club, and communicate this in writing before the playing season commences on 1st March of any year. If there is any difficulty in coming to a decision, communication with the Treasurer (J. Bickley) would be appreciated. There are expenses involved in ordering bag swingers, producing the year’s handbook, etc. which can be saved if we have an accurate assessment of membership numbers.

By the time the final date for subscription payments comes up, all members have had the opportunity to
play golf for a month or two of the new seasons, and to change one’s mind at that point is simply not acceptable. Once a subscription is paid, this should be final until the February opening day of the new season. Cases of hardship or tragic circumstances will always receive a sympathetic hearing from the Committee.